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Cabinet Construction

Since the main application was seen as home theater main or surround speakers, the enclosures were built from 3/4" MDF. Horizontal braces were added to
the sides and rear panel behind the tweeter. Additionally the crossover board was constructed from perf board and cut so their width was just slightly larger
then the internal dimension of the enclosure. It was then tapped into place over the braces adding additional rigidity to the enclosure.

Tips and Tricks:

As in the 6 pack version: The woofers come with 8 holes for a reason. Use them. 4 screws will not cut it, as I found out during harmonic distortion
measurements. Because of the designed high Qts, the speakers are heavily stuffed. I used 12 oz of polyfill and a 1/2" aperiodic vent hole in the rear of
these, roughly centered on the rear panel between the woofers. In this instance, the 3/8" hole was insufficient. As always, I encourage experimentation of
the amount of stuffing and vent hole size that matches your application and expectations. The front baffle edges were beveled 3/8".

Note The test enclosures in the pictures have a 5" center to center spacing, but I suggest using the 4.75" spacing shown below.
Big sound for a very small
price. Suggested for
bookshelf or near-wall /
on-wall applications.
Sten II
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