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Sten II
Big sound for a very small
price. Suggested for
bookshelf or near-wall /
on-wall applications.

For the life of me, I just can't understand why everyone doesn't want 5 (or 7) large
floor standers in their home theaters or on their computer desk. -OK, I guess I can
see the computer desk thing to a certain extent...  Therefore, and due to popular
demand, I've designed a smaller, more SWMBO friendly package of the

Major specifications

An MTM 2 way sealed design with two Aura NS6-255-8A paper cone neodymium drivers in
parallel paired with the Vifa BC25SC06-04 textile dome tweeter.

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms. The impedance minima is 3.9 ohms at 160 Hz, but rises to
above 7 ohms above 350 Hz. The worst amplifier load is 10 ohms and -30 degrees at 110 Hz.
This suggests an easy load for any amplifier capable of 4 ohm operation, and many 6 ohm
rated amplifiers may likely tolerate them as well.

Dimensions: external: 8.5" wide, 19" tall, 10.5" deep

Basic Sensitivity: Conservatively rated at 89 dB / 2.83v / 1 meter  

Max SPL: (Modeled at woofer published Xmax) 108 dB / 1meter
Main / Design Goals

This project was designed to complement the
original Stentorians with the very similar voicing,
and similar attributes. With only a third of the
woofer surface area to work with, don't expect
the tactile presence or their larger siblings, nor
their high sensitivity. What they can provide is a
basic sensitivity of 89 dB, and around 108 dB
max SPL in a 18 liter enclosure, and bass
extension similar to the original design.
Links to:

Main / Design Goals

Driver Selection

Cabinet Construction

Crossover Design


Listening Impressions
Important Note:
Unlike many of my other MTM designs, the
Sten II is
not designed to provide acceptable
performance when used on its side as a center
channel speaker. Unless your worst seat in the
house is within 10 degrees of on-axis, don't
even consider it.
Another Important Note:
Some of you may have already noticed that that
cabinetry of the Sten II's aren't up to Wayne's
exemplary standards.
In an effort to release this design as soon as
possible, I did the cabinet work, and left them in
an unfinished 'au naturale' state for the pictures.

-Now you know why Wayne normally does the
We'll try to get some decent pictures up at a
later date.