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I did not do a full set of measurements for this modification as the differences
between the TB and Vifa drivers were well within 'tweaking distance'. One could
actually drop the NE123's into the original design and it would sound remarkably
similar to the original with the TB's. My initial reaction when I do so was "This
doesn't sound like the Finalists midrange at all." -However the small changes I
made in the crossover made all the difference in the timber and tonal balance.

-See the Statement write up for the original measurements.  
Horizontal system response

Measured on-axis and off-axis every 15 degrees. The
response remained remarkably consistent at large
angles and even 90 degrees off axis is acceptable.
This was measured at 1/24 octave smoothing. All those
little bumps above 2 kHz would have been mostly
hidden if I had used the more conventional smoothing
of 1/12 octave. Also some of the room modes are
evident below 250 Hz due to the measurement
System Harmonic Distortion

This is with 1/48 octave smoothing and was measured
at approximately 96 dB / 1 meter. Note the HD through
the midrange region is about 0.1% at this level, while
the ribbon was slightly higher, but still very acceptable
at 0.3%.  
System Impedance

Not shown as it is nearly identical to the original.  
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