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An evolution for
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Jim Holtz
Main/Design Goals
-by Jim Holtz

The Statements II are the result of the Finalists project which focused on achieving the best midrange possible but with an eye on cost control. I and many
others have touted the benefits of the Vifa/Peerless NE series drivers as mid range transducers for several months now and my opinion hasn’t changed.
These drivers are smooth, natural and detailed with a sense of realism that only the best can create.

Enter the Statements II

Curt and I talked about what we might do to raise the already high bar of the Statements to the next level without creating a new cabinet design and could
be either an upgrade or built as Statements II’s. I scoured available 4” driver specs and found there weren’t many drivers that would drop in that were 8
ohm, hard paper cone, neo magnet and technologically advanced enough to consider. The Vifa NE123 was the logical choice.

Curt worked his crossover magic with lots and lots of measuring, listening and crossover refinement until it sounded right. Then our good friend Wayne
Wendell stopped by to add his input and more crossover tweaking resulted in the final Statements II’s that are in my listening room. They have the superb
mids of the finalists and add more bass impact with greater SPL capability. Top end is hard to fault for either speaker but the ribbons have a delicate
airyness about them that domes can’t compete with. Both, The Finalists and all Statements  series have a very big sound with an expansive soundstage so
no compromises are needed.

Why another Statement design?

So, who was this designed for? Me actually!  However, if music is 50% or more of your systems use, the Statements II is a no brainer as an upgrade to
original Statements or the Statements design to build if you’re a music lover 1st and foremost and have room so they can be properly positioned away from
the wall behind, they may be for you.

It’s all about the mid-range!

Do the Statements II “whomp” the Statements? No, and I wouldn’t recommend a Statements II upgrade to anyone using their Statements primarily for home
theater. The Statements do an excellent job, IMHO, and the upgrade won’t improve on clarity etc. of your system. If you’re a music lover, yes, I’d recommend
building the Statements II or upgrading original Statements to achieve the best possible midrange sound quality within the Statements series design. The
Statements II are now my musical reference!
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