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Listening Impressions:

OK, if you've seen the Finalist Monitors write up, and compared the relative pricing of the two designs, you are wondering if the increased cost is worth it.
Well, I'll tell you, -sort of...

I built and designed these after designing and voicing the Finalist Monitors. Frankly I expected some differences due to the tweeter change, but was not
prepared for the differences I heard after voicing these in. It you look at the response plots and off axis plots, there is not a lot of measurable difference. Nor
is there much difference in the HD plots between the two. Obviously, (to me anyhow) I'm not measuring whatever it is that makes them sound differently.

Don't get me wrong. The Finalist Monitors sound great. There is just something about the MicroStatements that I find very appealing. Iceing on the cake, so
to speak. To me they have a more relaxing, coherent sound. Personally I suspect it is the higher crossover point, but for all I know I just got the correct mix
of dark energy to dark matter in these. Since I've yet to see a quantitative measurement for either, I'll leave it up to you all do decide which is better and why.

I just know I enjoy the both -a lot.

The MicroStatements are copyright 2016 by Curt Campbell         Free for non-commercial use.   

A smaller monitor sized
Statement design using top
quality drivers.
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Listening Impressions