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The response plot  is not as flat as one would expect. However this is the way it voiced in. I suspect it has something to do with the power response and
crossover being above 3K, -or not...
Lastly, a horizontal response plot derived from measurements made every 15 degrees up to 90 degrees, suggesting excellent power response. The polar
response plot is the same data just shown in a diffierent manner.  
The impedance plot is fairly benign. Yes, it does drop below 8 ohms in a couple of spots, but the phase angles at those frequencies are close to purely
resistive, making it an easy load for the partnering amplifier.
Phase tracking, while not perfect, is certainly acceptable.
The system Harmonic Distortion plot at 2.8v indicate most values below 0.3% which is certainly an excellent result.

A smaller monitor sized
Statement design using top
quality drivers.
The HD plot at 8.0 volts show the expected rising 2nd harmonic with the additional excitation level. We also see the 3rd harmonic rising up between 2.5K
and 5K although those levels are still below 0.3% even at this high level.
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