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Major specifications

A 2 way vented design with the Fountek NeoCD3.0 ribbon tweeter, and the Vifa NE149W-08 reed paper cone neodymium driver housed in an conventional
vented enclosure

Nominal Impedance: I'll call this one 8 ohms as the impedance curve flirts with, but never quite reaches 5 ohms at any frequency, and spends as much of
its time above 8 ohms as it does below. The impedance is above 10 ohms below 120 Hz. The minima is 5.8 ohms at 200 Hz, increases to above 8 ohms at
above 500 Hz. This suggests an easy load for any reputable 8 ohm rated amplifier.

Dimensions: external: 8.5" wide, 12.5" tall, 10.0" deep

Basic Sensitivity: Approximately 84 dB / 2.83v / 1 meter  

Max SPL: (Modeled at woofer published Xmax) 102 dB / 1meter
Main / Design Goals

I have Mark and the gang at Meniscus to thank for the idea and support for the MicroStatement design. Use the same drivers as the Statement design,
(well, close) but leave off the woofer for a smaller, more personally sized design suitable for surrounds, desktop speakers, or anywhere a small speaker with
excellent sound is required. Per Marks suggestion, we utilized the NE149-08 Eight ohm driver this time to make it amp friendly. And of course the ubiquitous
Fountek NeoCD3.0 tweeter.
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Main / Design Goals

Driver Selection

Cabinet Construction

Crossover Design


Listening Impressions

A smaller monitor sized
Statement design using top
quality drivers.