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Invictus: (adj.) Incapable of being conquered, overcome, or subdued. Invincible.
Synonyms: unbeatable, unconquerable,  invulnerable, unshakable, indomitable,
impregnable, unassailable, insuperable, indestructible, supreme, insurmountable,
Woofer topology

The woofer uses a very
simple 2 element
topology. The transfer
function is 2nd order
acoustic and a Q
suggesting a Bessel
alignment. This use of
an underlapped
crossover with the
tweeter provides a
reasonably flat
Tweeter topology

The tweeter utilizes a 5
element topology. The 3rd
order electrical filter
transfer function provides
a 6th order acoustic with
the Q again suggesting a
Bessel alignment. The
tweeter is connected with
normal polarity due to the
differences in acoustic
centers and
non-symmetrical transfer
Crossover Design:
Crossover overview:

In keeping with my desire for simple crossover topographies and minimal parts counts, the Invictus has a total of 7 crossover components. As always I let
the drivers themselves choose the crossover points and topologies they wanted. -It seems only fair they get a choice. This resulted in a mixed order
crossover and a rather high order transfer function for the tweeter. Both drivers appeared to be in a Bessel mood... The f6 of both transfer functions are at
about 2200 Hz. Inverting the tweeter phase provides a wide deep cancellation of approximately 28 dB, and indicates excellent phase tracking in the driver
stop bands. The use of Bessel filters suggest the qroup delay will be well behaved.
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