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Driver Selection Process

The woofer:

The midwoofer is the Scan Speak 18W8531G Revelator. Arguably one of the finest all-around 7” drivers available, it has few peers that can compete with its
level of performance and ability to both plumb the depths and provide the delicacy and resolution required at higher frequencies. –And it can do this at
surprisingly high SPL levels with seemingly unshakable aplomb.
The Tweeter:

Bob Reimer of Creative Sound Solutions has brought a top shelf product to the DIY community with the LD25X. . Fit and finish on this tweeter is excellent, as
well as consistency of the two samples I have. Don’t assume its small size represents limited performance, as I have found just the opposite is true. I have
driven it to quite high levels in this design, and the results are frankly astonishing for a tweeter with such a small stature. Its remarkable combination of ruler
flat response, vanishingly low distortion, and wonderful sonics makes this a worthy companion to the Revelator. –A statement I feel only a handful of
tweeters can claim. The fact it has such a small flange diameter is just icing on the cake.
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A two way design using
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