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I was very pleased (but not surprised) at how these turned out. While there are a great many small 2 ways out there, (-And lets be honest, in all likelyhood
some of those are excellent designs in their own right, and may better the Finalist Monitors in one aspect or another/) In spite of this, I felt the Finalist
Monitors brought much of the sound of the Finalists home in a much smaller package and at a very attractive price. The NE149's are overachievers when it
comes to bass extension and reproduction in general. With a bit of front wall reinforcement, they produce usable bass well into the 30's, yet still shine in
their midrange performance. The RS28's are just amazing considering their cost. Here's what Jim Holtz says about these drivers in the Finalists:  

Jim on the RS28F: Cymbals sound like cymbals and the sound of triangles float in the air. The highs are open and airy with great off axis dispersion. The
RS28F has great sound quality that realistically reproduces the original performance. It’s a real over achiever, IMHO.

Jim on the NE149's: Here's where The Finalists really shine. The NE149’s are extremely smooth, clear and detailed. Everything from the performer licking
their lips to shifts in where they're standing are audible. Tonal balance is exceptional. Very, very real sounding to my ears. I am particularly impressed with
the level of detail the NE149’s offer yet they are never harsh and even allow poor recordings to sound their best. This is an amazing driver, IMHO.

In summary: Voiced very similarly to the Finalists, they will make excellent surround speakers, or mains for smaller venues. They play acceptably loud in
normal to larger sized rooms. In fact, they were easy for me to forget that I was clinically listening to them, and instead got caught up listening to the music. I
suggest thats what good speakers are supposed to do; get out of the way and let the music define the moment.

The Finalists Monitors are copyright 2016 by Curt Campbell         Free for non-commercial use.   

A smaller monitor sized Finalist
design using high value
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