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The Finalist Monitors exhibit reasonably flat modeled response.  
The harmonic distortion plot at 2.8 volts show distortion values below 0.3% over most of the frequency range. This shows the quality of the drivers, and how
well the RS28F tolerates the lower crossover point. The 8.0 volt excitation plot (not shown) showed the 2nd harmonic rising with the fundamental, providing
the same relative distortion percentage, while the higher order distortion plots remained lower..    
While the impedance drops below 8 ohms in a couple of places, those minima are generally associated with low phase angles suggesting an easy load for
any 6 ohm capable amplifier.
The phase tracking is excellent for a simple crossover and no mechanical correction to the acoustic centers of the drivers.
Lastly, a horizontal response plot derived from measurements made every 15 degrees up to 90 degrees, showing excellent off axis response up to the point
where the tweeter starts beaming. The polar plot is the same information displayed in another fashion.
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A smaller monitor sized Finalist
design using high value