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Imaging & Presentation:

Jim: The Anthology’s offer the same huge atmospheric soundstage heard at live performances and layered depth the Statements/Finalists are known for.
Depending on the recording the performers begin at the rear of the speakers and are layered to the rear and sides with the soundstage extending well
beyond the width of the speakers if recorded that way for a realistic recreation of the original performance. The speakers disappear leaving only the
performance and performers in front of you with a realistic and normal presentation.

Jim: Cymbals sound like cymbals and the sound of triangles float in the air. The highs are open and airy with great off axis dispersion. The 22TFF has
excellent sound quality that realistically reproduces the original performance. It greatly exceeded my expectations for an affordably priced tweeter.

Jim: The SB15’s offer great detail with an open natural sound.  Everything from the performer licking their lips to shifts in where they're standing are audible
as they should be. Tonal balance is excellent. When comparing to other reference speakers that far exceed the Anthology’s price point, it was difficult to
determine which speaker was playing with very few exceptions and only on stellar vocal recordings. This is a very nice driver! Voicing matches the
Statements, Finalists and the corresponding center channels. I found the Finalist center to be a perfect match to the Anthology’s for home theater.

Jim: Vocal recordings are excellent and are very realistic and natural sounding. They have the smoothness associated with a paper driver but still have the
bite and detail required for realistic reproduction with no listener fatigue. This is a very natural sounding driver with accurate voice reproduction. Very nice!

Jim: The bass capability of a RS225 in a well-tuned ported enclosure is well known. Very deep, tight, clean bass is what you hear. F3 came out about 32 Hz
so there nothing missing in the music I listen to.

Jim: The dynamics are exceptional with just the right amount of impact and bite to add to the realism. The Anthology’s handle home theater dynamics
without breaking a sweat and extend well beyond sane volumes.


Jim: If you are in love with detail, realism  and a big realistic soundstage like I am, the Anthology’s  won’t disappoint you. They’re smooth, detailed and
dynamic with the right amount of bite to realistically recreate the performance you’re listening to.  

The Anthology’s will be compared to the various Statements and the Finalists since they are all open back designs. The Anthology’s are not designed to
replace any of them but rather to offer an additional lower cost and smaller profile option with big dynamic performance and a stellar midrange. Their
reduced height offers WAF benefits that make it easier to build just one more speaker! Take your pick and enjoy!

Curt: Ha! I can't add a word to what Jim said. I could easily spend the rest of my days listening to the Anthologys as my main speakers. That they come in at
a lower cost than the Statement II's is just icing on the cake.

The Anthologys are copyright 2015 by Jim Holtz and Curt Campbell                        Free for non-commercial use.   

Statement II performance
in a smaller, more cost
effective package?
You be the judge...
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