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Crossover Design:

The woofer network roughly emulates a 2nd order electrical slope. The dip in response at 300 Hz is floor bounce and can be for the most part
disregarded. The sharp suckout at 390 Hz is the response with the woofer phase reversed, showing good phase correlation between the woofer and
midrange drivers. The woofer crosses to the mid at approximately 350 Hz. The Mid network is a 1st order HP followed by a 2nd order LP. These provide 2nd
order Linkwitz Riley acoustic slopes at 350 Hz and 2000 Hz. The midrange drivers are connected out of phase with the woofer. The tweeter is a 2nd order
HP that provides a third order BW acoustic slope at 2000 Hz. The tweeter is also connected out of phase with the woofer. The midrange and tweeter are in
phase quadrature at the crossover frequency.  
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