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Statement II performance
in a smaller, more cost
effective package?
You be the judge...
Driver Selection

Midrange purity is a top priority in the Anthology’s. Curt and I tested several drivers in the price range we were shooting for and settled on the SB
SB15NRXC30-8 coated paper driver as the best candidates for the job. They are ultra-low distortion and rival much more expensive 5” drivers for
sound quality.

I’m a ribbon lover but only when they can be used in the appropriate application. The SB15’s will cross high enough to integrate well with a ¾” tweeter which
offers the off axis dispersion we were aiming for. The Seas 22TFF was the winning candidate for the job. It offers flat response, spectacular off axis
dispersion with extremely low distortion at a very affordable price.

The woofers are the tried and true Dayton RS225-8’s. They are low distortion with an F/3 in the low 30’s and affordable. You simply have to spend several
times their cost to equal or exceed their performance.  

Curt: During previous testing, our initial concern was that a large magnet assembly would impede the rear pressure wave and cause cavity resonance in
the cylindrical enclosure. During testing with the SB Acoustics SB15NRXC30-8
however, this proved not to be the case.
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