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Jim Holtz's:

Statement II performance
in a smaller, more cost
effective package?
You be the judge...
Major specifications

An 3 way MTMWW vented design featuring Dayton RS225-8 aluminum cone woofers, the The Seas 22TFF fabric dome tweeter, and the SB Acoustics SB15
coated paper
driver drivers housed in an open back cylindrical enclosures.  

Nominal Impedance: I'll call this one 6 ohms as the impedance curve has a 4 ohm minima at 80 Hz, but like the Finalists, spends more time above 6 ohms
as it does below. The minima is 4.3 ohms at
20 Hz, and again dips below 5 ohms between 50 and 120 Hz, but then spends the rest of its time above 5.5
at higher frequencies. The worst amplifier load is 5.6 ohms and -25 degrees at 58 Hz. This suggests an easy load for any reputable 6 ohm rated

Dimensions: external: 11" wide, 24" tall, 15.5" deep

Basic Sensitivity: Approximately 87 dB / 2.83v / 1 meter  

Max SPL: (Modeled at woofer published Xmax) 110 dB / 1meter
Main / Design Goals

Jim: The design goal I established for this project was to come as close as possible to the full sized Statements II in overall performance but lower costs and
offer a different driver configuration that would allow a less imposing cabinet for better WAF. I had no interest in designing yet another Statements variation
but rather establish a new design that offers top notch performance through careful driver selection with low distortion, excellent midrange for all types of
music and exceptional dynamic range for home theater use.

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Main / Design Goals

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Cabinet Construction

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Listening Impressions